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The Spire Guide

Post by Darius on Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:40 am

Stage 1
Karl, Spire Porter (Minotaur)

Nothing special, build rage on this guy.

Stage 2
Krowl, Blood Fiend (Lizard)

Same as above, just spawns 4 more lizards at about 50% HP which also have an AoE damiging ability.

Stage 3
Muloch, Nightmare (Worm)

The boss spawns with 4 additional worms and on their first attack they do kind of high damage to the front row party members.
Here's where the tricky part starts - on Stage 3, 4 and 5 the bosses apply a debuff on players that can not be dispelled.
The buff itself is "+40% damage taken" to all players and stacks on every boss. It's mandatory to be avoided.
In order to do that the bosses have to die before they cast it - they do so on their last health bar, so they must be nuked at any cost, otherwise the party suffering 40/80/120% damage on the following bosses can't advance much.
So you should coordinate your party before the actual run to avoid everyone using their Vulcan skill and Delphics to overkill the boss. Just make sure that enough, but not too many, of you use your ultimate abilities right at the end of the second HP bar of the boss and that he dies.

Stage 4
Garvol, The Flying Terror (Serpent)

The strategy is same as Stage 3

Stage 5
Lorne, The Decapitator (Manticor)

The strategy is same as Stage 3 and 4

Stage 6
Randol, The Flesh Tearer (Troll)

Nothing special on this guy, his second attack does huge damage and might have to be avoided. I'm not certain how many attacks afterwards he does the same attack again, will research and add it here.

Stage 7
Pharrak, Dark Pharaoh (Mummy)


Stage 8
Alikar, Frostpawn (Warlock)


Stage 9
Andela, Lavaspawn (Archer)


Stage 10
Staphos, Doombringer (Warrior)


Stage 11
Bera, The Overseer (Monster's Eye)


Stage 12
Darnos, The Deatheater (Headless Knight)


Stage 13
Maretti, Death's Servant (Ghost)


Stage 14
Saende, Dragon Zombie (Dragon)


Stage 15
Alisa, Succubus Queen (Vampiric Mage)


Stage 16 to 25


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