Circuit Quests

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Circuit Quests

Post by Darius on Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:52 am

Circuit Quests are new addition to Wartune as of the second half of January 2014.
Players may complete up to 200 circuit quests per week.
Reaching 200 quests completed rewards 800,000 gold, 4,000,000 daru, 9 Fashion Shards and 990 soul crystals for completing all 200. Shards are given within chest rewards at 50, 100, and 150. wrote:Circuit Quests is a system that is combined with a series of simple quests. Every quest completion is called “one circuit”. Rewards will be given for completing every circuit and, players will have a great chance to get a big reward after completing a significant number of circuits.

Players are eligible to get different circuit quests from the NPC Asima in Cloud City after they have reached Level 35.The difficulty of the quests will be increased as the players higher their level, and of course more rewards will become available. The Circuit Quests reset at 5 A.M every Monday so various surprises for our players every week!

By completing every Circuit, our players will be rewarded gold and Daru, and some tempting items including soul crystals, Mount training whips, Fate stones and other valuable items. A big final reward contains a large amount of items will be given to the players who can finish all the circuit quests within the week.

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